How long is an appointment?

Appointment times vary by patient and condition. Initial visits are scheduled for 1 hour and follow up appointments can average between 30 minutes to 1 hour. The staff will be able to give you a more individual estimate once treatment plan is completed.

Do we accept work injuries and No Fault cases?

Yes, we accept all worker's comp and no fault cases with order from a physician. We do follow NYS guidelines for both of these insurances. If you have questions about coverage, please contact our office directly and speak to the office managers. We will be happy to verify coverage and benefits.

Do I need an order from my doctor?

In order for us to bill your insurance we do require an order from a physician. However, if you contact our office directly and speak with a therapist, we will happy to give you a consultation and advice as to what your next steps should be.

Treatment duration depends on your diagnosis, the severity of your impairments, your past medical history, and other factors.  Re-evaluations will be done to assess your progress and your therapist communicates with your physician to help you achieve your therapy goals.

We see and treat patient for a wide range of conditions and diagnoses. Please visit our Therapy Section for an extensive list of conditions and diagnoses we see patients for.

We have staff that covers a large vary of conditions including orthopedics, sports, hand therapy, manual therapy, and vestibular and balance.

We will check with your health insurance provide to determine if outpatient physical therapy services are covered under your plan. We recommend that you confirm  your insurance coverage.

Call the facility in which you go to for all your regular appointments.  You may also call our administration office at +1 (716) 684-0400.

On your initial appointment we request that you bring you order from doctor, insurance card/ information, list of surgeries and medications if you have one. Please dress comfortably for physical activity. We recommend sneakers be wore if able.

We strive to get everyone in as quickly as possible. We do have a set schedule of appointments that allows us to get in as many as possible. We try to get patients in within 48 hours for initial appointment is possible. Follow up appointments are scheduled as per therapist recommendation.

We are proud to be part of many of the insurance companies offered in the area. Please refer to the list on website. If you do not see you insurance on out list. Please contact the office directly, we will be happy to verify your benefits and see if you have any coverage.

Every insurance is different, just as every person is different. We are able to check you benefit for most area insurances with a few simple questions. We will be able to very copay, deductible and visit limitations. Please feel free to call our offices and ask for benefits, if you have any questions.

We do offer private pay rates, which are listed on our insurance coverage page. We understand that injury can be expensive especially without coverage. We keep our rates are reasonable as we can. Please contact the office directly, if you have an issue and need care. We will do our best to make it as manageable as possible for you.

We pride ourselves on giving team driven care. You will be evaluated by one of our qualified therapists and a treatment plan will be set up. After the initial evaluation you will be followed by not only the therapist, but also by one of our physical therapy assistants. We understand that sometimes you will have a preference, please feel free to discuss with therapist or office manager and we will do or best to arrange times with requested staff.

Ask us a Question

Feel free to ask any physical therapy related questions over the phone, or get send your question via this form below. Your message will be dispatched directly to our staff who will answer as soon as they can.