Our Vision

Our vision is to continue as the recognized leader in providing comprehensive therapeutic services throughout Western New York. We are committed to providing quality care by hiring and retaining a professional staff, who adhere to recognized professional codes of Ethics, with the highest quality education and proven records of training and experience. 

Education Programs

Western New York Physical & Occupational Therapy Group is affiliated with local universities and also provides clinical education for numerous colleges across the country. Our clinical education program for our employees is recognized by the community, for its commitment to excellence and high standards.

Our Mission

Western New York Physical & Occupational Therapy Group started as a partnership in 1979 among Alfred Caffiero, Willis Hahn and Walter Szymanski. A foundation that was built on honest, ethical and high-quality care established Western New York Physical & Occupational Therapy Group as a leader in the rehabilitation and therapy profession. 

Our team of highly trained professionals use their expertise and vast knowledge of techniques to restore you to your highest level of function. We thoroughly evaluate & treat all the contributing factors related to your issue. This includes, but is not limited to understanding overall body condition, postural habits as well as work or home related contributing factors.